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Fantasy Diamond is commited to providing our jewelers with the most current and accurate fashion and accessory trends.  Our reports, 3F, are creative, insightful and product focused to provide our jewelers with a comprehensive analysis of current and future fashio trends.  We want our jewelers to see the market trends and use these tools to help improve their sales preformance.  Make sure to check back frequently to see the latest trends!
Preppy Chic Trend

Wedding Season Trend Engagement Rings 
Wedding Season Trend - Engagement Rings
Wedding Season Trend Companion Pieces 
Wedding Season Trend - Companion Pieces 
Fall 2011 Trend Report 
Fantasy Diamond Fall 2011 Trend Report 
3F: X&Os
3F: Hugs & Kisses
3F: Golden Globes
3F: Golden Globes
3F: Whimiscal Trend
3F: Whimiscal Fantasy 

3F: A Royal Engagement.
3F: Princess - Julia Robert's style.
3F: Floral Trend
3F: Floral Fantasy 

3F: Fine Lines - Emmy's Style.

3F: Dangle Earrings.

3F: The Bride Wore Floral.